Four day-long picnics are held each year, each involving over 250 leaders and 500 kids at various activity venues around Perth. Most of our volunteer leaders are UWA students, who are paired into ‘mums and dads’ and allocated two or three kids for the day. For each picnic, the ‘mums and dads‘ of each ‘family’ generously donate their time and efforts to:

  • organise pick-up and drop-off times with the parents/guardians of each kid in their ‘family’,
  • dress up in a dazzling costume for the picnic’s nominated theme,
  • provide lunch and transport for their kids,
  • and most importantly provide the kids with as many fun times as possible!

The Uni Camp For Kids Committee arranges the activities for the day, aiming to provide environments that are both enjoyable and safe for the kids. Activities that are often run include: Kings Park, South Perth Foreshore, aquatic centres, water parks and mini fun fairs.

Being a volunteer leader at a picnic is a fantastic way to get involved in Uni Camp for Kids, and is so much fun! In the past, the number of kids we can provide for on picnics has been limited by the number of volunteers. Now, we have grown so huge we are only limited by space and funding.

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