The three week-long summer camps held each year in January, are the major aim of Uni Camp for Kids. Each camp involves 14 “families” consisting of two student volunteers and six kids, along with other leaders in various support roles. Camps are far more involved than the day-long picnics, being a live-in style based out of a camp school in Rockingham. Leaders are responsible for the kids 24/7, providing entertainment from the break of dawn until kids are put to bed and exhausted leaders fall asleep.

Each day brings a different set of fun activities. Kids are taken to various activity venues around Perth over the course of the week, ranging from Bounce to Mandurah Fun Fair. Camps provide the opportunity to form stronger bonds with the kids, and allow for an escape from hardships they might face in their everyday lives. With the support and generosity of our supporters, UCFK raises over $170,000 each year to fund these camps (and picnics), which are the highlight of the year for kids and leaders alike.

On camps, the emphasis is strictly on fun and letting kids be kids, rather than any kind of religious or educational platform. We find that this style is most beneficial to the children, who don’t often get such an opportunity. We often receive feedback from parents/guardians and social workers on the improvements to the self-esteem and confidence of the kids after camps. These positive experiences hopefully make a proactive difference in their lives – some of our greatest successes are the kids who grow out of camps with the aim of coming back as a leader themselves.

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